Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The 16th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2017 (Traditional and Bags)

Here are a few samples from the quilt contest. First out Traditional category.

This is a difficult colour combination, but I think it works in this quilt.

 Bien du solei by Kazuyo Masago 眞砂和代

A Double Wedding Ring with nice quilting in the centres.

Anniversary by Miwayo Hashimoto 橋本ミ和代

 素敵な未来に向かって (Towards a beautiful future) by Junko (?) Hanaoka 花岡順子 is made up of small hexagons.

 ひだまりby Miyoko Otaka 大高美緒子

 Being wrapped in kindness by Yoko Masuda 増田容子

Happy Quilt by Chieko Ito 伊藤千津子

Next  is a selection from the Bag category.
 Cat rush by Makiko Ishihara 石原マキ子

 恋して、おしゃれ、困ったなあ〜 by Hiromi Hashimoto 橋本ヒロミ

 Party bag by Rie Kato 加藤利枝

The 16th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2017 (Just Adding a Little)

In my second report from the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2017 I want to add a bit more about Yoko Saito's Swedish house, and just a little about the Partnership quilts.

Yoko Saito's Swedish House
Do you remember this picture from my last report?
Well, look through the open door and there is a bed...
on the bed there is a quilt,
let's zoom in

and go a bit closer

Look at the women dressed in local folk costumes. They are all holding candles in their outstretched hands.
This motif is taken from a very popular wooden  candlestick.

Then by the door there is a wooden Dalecarlian horse.
(You might remember the cushion I made in 2014 where I added such a horse)

Now did you notice such a Dalecarlian horse on Yoko Saito's tea cosy I showed in the last post?
Here is a close up for you:

In the house Yoko Saito also had a 1960s living room:

 Here there is a quilt on the wall and on the floor a hooked rug.
Have you ever seen a quilt show where the organizers have had a garden made with live flowers, had a carpenter build a house, then filled said house with authentic furniture, china, baskets and wooden ornaments shipped from Sweden? Just to display a set of quilts and rugs?
Could you ask for a better setting?

Partnership Quilts
This is the 14th time I have taken part in this charity event, by sending in a small block on the specific theme of the year. (You can see the other blocks in my tab NHK at the top of this blog.)
For 2017 the theme was Gardening, or rather Falling in Love with Garden, and I contributed with this block of a Japanese bonsai (a pruned miniature tree in a pot):
My friends Tanya and Julie have written excellent reports about the 63 quilts compiled this year. DO read them, it's a MUST!

May I just add a few interesting blocks.
 Hydrangeas made from kimono silk.

 Mt Fuji and a Japanese garden.

 A cat made from a sock with a pot of 'cat sallad'; fur ball medicine!

A lucky Mola garden bird harvesting a four clover.

Julie (of My Quilt Diary) also includes a bird in every block she enters. This Ohio cardinal is sowing a seed.

The Hexagon Queen, and dear friend, Pamela, (of Hokkaido Kudasai) with her yellow hexy flowers.

Tanya (of By Taniwa) is so shy she only shows her red gardening boots! By chance her block has been placed near things related to her life:  an active dog,  a set of garden furniture, hydrangeas near her home, and strawberries (THE fruit of her prefecture)... I really wonder WHO guides the placement of the blocks???

I hope you are enjoying the show as much as we all did!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 9: Interlaced Running Stitch

Sunday Stitch School offers an easy stitch today - Interlaced Running Stitch.
I found it in The Embroidery Stitch Bible.

You simply make two rows of parallel Running Stitches

Then lace them with another, contrasting if you like, thread that does not go through the fabric.

 When you have reached the end of the row, you have the option of returning in the same way.

On Aida it looks like this:

Play around with different threads.
Make more columns of Running Stitches, or make them closer or further apart.
Lace the Running Stitches in creative ways.
Have fun!

Friday, 20 January 2017

The 16th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2017 (Quilts by 'sensei')

This fantastic quilt show is now on at Tokyo Dome, a huge baseball arena here in Tokyo.

I will post tidbits from the show bit by bit.

Today I will show you work by some of the professional quilters, so called 'sensei'.

Plumeria by Yoshiko Kurihara 栗原淑子

To You by Yoko Sekita 関田陽子

Polish Pottery by Chieko Shiraishi 白石千恵子
Detail of the same quilt. Can you see all the crochet?

Be Happy by Megumi Mizuno 水野めぐみ
 Detail of the same quilt

 Field Sketch 'Cornflower' by Noriko Nozawa 野沢典子
 Detail of the same quilt

 Ainsley's Garden by Kazuyo Kanno 菅野和代

 Following the Sweet Scent by Harue Yumoto 湯本晴枝

Detail of the same quilt, fantastic variety in the quilted background.

 The Night Garden by Misaki Okabe 岡部美咲

 Rond of the Flowers by Chinami Terai 寺井ちなみ
 Detail of the same quilt, the bias tape is made from velveteen and the mimosa so fluffy.

In this section I and my two friends, Julie and Tanya, had some complaints:
1) the ghastly wallpaper with black and white leaves, a most unflattering background for most of the quilts,
2) the unfortunate lightning. Above the quilts were beams that cast ugly shadows over the quilts by the strong spotlights of the baseball field. The shadows are very obvious on the quilt above and the one with the cornflowers. So sad, because those quilt were both stunningly beautiful, but did not photograph well.

However, I have to take my hat off to the organizers of The festival for paying such attention to displaying quilts well in another section, by building scenes for some of the quilts.

Yoko Saito, who is famous for her taupe quilts, also has a love of Scandinavian design. In recent years she has made a series of quilts and quilted items in misty blue, and they were displayed like this:
A Swedish falu red house had been built.

Real trees and live flowers had been planted in the artificial grass of the baseball field. The perfume of the daffodils was almost overpowering!

In the dining room there was a set of antique furniture and real potted geraniums showing off the quilted table cloth, tea cozy, cushions, lampshade and the hooked rug.

More goodies from the show another day.