Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 26: Zig-zag Stitch

Welcome to Sunday Stitch School where we have reached the end of the alphabet. This lesson will feature a stitch beginning with Z, the Zig-zag Stitch.

I have found it in several books and tinkered with it before. It is easy and fun.

Work it like this:

Take a double straight stitch at the end of the row, then begin the return journey.

Aren't they nice?

On my Aida sampler I made the mistake of using variegated thread, NOT a good idea.

Fill a square on this 'fake' canvas. There should be no problem, this time!?

Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches 21 - 25

It's lucky that Sunday Stitch School runs evening classes and I can hand in my homework late at night. Although I finished the Sunbonnet Sue sampler in time, it has been one of these days and it it not until now, past 10 pm Tokyo time, that I can show my summery of stitches.

The homework was for a seasonal Sue. The rainy season is on in Japan and that is why Sue is hiding her face underneath an umbrella - Sunbonnet Sue ought to be called Umbrella Sue.

Whipped Running Stitch was used for the outlines.

Upright Cross Stitch works well as a filling stitch, both on the teaser (the Wellington boots) and on the hand, where I staggered the stitches.

The Y Stitch with its loop made good raindrops, I think.
 The Vault Stitch was a challenge to do on the plain weave.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WIPW - Ready to Make a Sandwich

Work in Progress Wednesday:

Greeting Card

I made another birthday card of a floral basket. Wool embroidery with a smattering of Perle.


Trinity Green

I went shopping to get wadding and quilting thread.
I pressed the quilt top.
I pressed the back.
I am ready to make a quilt sandwich and start basting the three layers together.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 21 - 25

It is time for a revision of stitches 21 - 25 at Sunday Stitch School. Here is a summery of them.

Click on the headline to learn each stitch and read more about it.

21 Upright Cross Stitch
Easy and fun to stitch. Great for filling a larger area.

22 Vault Stitch

I tried two ways of working this striking stitch. With purple thread I worked so there are long stitches on the back, too. This eats up a lot of thread but makes a very sturdy stitch.
In the example in yellow, most of the thread is on the front. You save thread this way, but the result is not as compact, and it is easy to pull the thread too tight.
To avoid puckering and get a good solid filling stitch, I'd go for the purple method.

and, a note to self, DO use real canvas for Canvas work!

23 Whipped Running Stitch

So easy, it is child's play. A great stitch to use with fancy thread that only needs to be whipped over the running stitches and not penetrate the fabric.

24 X-Ray Stitch

Vary the length of the stitches and you get a variety of designs. It would be good for Christmassy things!

25 Y Stitch

This is a fun stitch to use for writing, or floating ghosts, or a bustle of people, or a packed disco dance floor, or if worked horizontally in orange, gold fish....

Revision homework.
Make a seasonal Sunbonnet Sue and use only the five stitches above.
What stitch would be good on this grid, I wonder?

Friday, 16 June 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 25: Y Stitch

I have worn my fountain pen out while scribbling ys.
Easy and fun. 

I realized that upside-down, the y becomes an h! 

Also that they remind me of the dementors, the guards of the wizard prison in the Harry Potter books/films.

I like the yellow ink best!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

WIPW or rather WIPT

A day late I will have to call this Work In Progress Thursday.

I have ripped off almost all the paper from the back of

Trinity Green

Compare it with last week's picture:

I will have to go shopping for some wadding. Also I will have to check for any torn seams or other weak points. Then comes the sandwiching, basting, practicing machine quilting on some spare odd blocks, and finally the machine quilting. It will all take some time so let's see what progress can be made until next week Wednesday.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 25: Y Stitch

Welcome to a penmanship lesson at Sunday Stitch School. Yes, penmanship!

I have not found any good stitches beginning with Y, so what to do?
Why, make a Y, of course!

We will be practicing joined-up writing by stitching a small 'y'!

Write Stitch it like this:
 Make the first part of a Fly Stitch, but at an angle.

Then insert the needle a little bit down and away from the right side edge.
Exit the needle where you want the curly loop.

 Wrap the thread around the needle as you would for a Twisted Chain Stitch.

 Pull through and

 anchor the stitch, a bit tighter than this, though.

You have written a 'y'.

See how I have practiced with blue 'ink' on my Aida sampler.

Fill your fountain pen with blue, or green, ink and practice your calligraphy ys.
Or rather thread the needle and start stitching.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 24 - X-Ray Stitch

Friday homework:

The X+Ray Stitch  was more fun to work than I first thought. Here I have added it to last week's homework - the Whipped Running Stitch circles.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

WIPW - A Bit More to Rip

There is a bit more paper to rip off the

Trinity Green 

quilt. You can now see the variety of green, and it is the wrong side of the fabric.

Compared with last week's photo:
No need to comment.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 24: X-Ray Stitch

Welcome to Sunday Stitch School where we have reached the letter X of the alphabet.

What X stitches are there? Well the Cross Stitch forms an X, but we have already worked both the standard Cross Stitch and the Upright Cross Stitch.

Question: So what do to?
Answer: Create a new stitch, of course.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, got the first Nobel prize in Physics for his discovery of the X-ray. Who has not been X-rayed at least once? Being able to see the condition of our teeth and bones e.g., has helped hospital staff give us the right medical attention.

So let's honour this discovery and invent the X-Ray Stitch. Or am I too late? Maybe this stitch already exists. One thing is for sure, there will be no Nobel Prize in Embroidery for this.

Mattia suggests Point de Rayon X as a French name.

I put together a cross with some straight stitches:

Both the cross and the rays can be of various lengths.

Add some X-Ray Stitches to last week's homework
You have a free choice of thread. Enjoy!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 23 - Whipped Running Stitch

This is my homework for Sunday Stitch Nursery School.

I made curved lines with cups and plates, stitched Running Stitches in lime green on those lines and then Whipped them with a variety of fancy threads, mainly in orange.

 The fabric puckered beautifully.
Child's play or contemporary art?

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WIPW - Still Ripping

I am still ripping off paper from the back of the

Trinity Green


Last week's status:

This week's progress:

Rip, rip, rip, oops did I just rip a seam as well?! Slowly does it, as Carolyn says!

No need to comment!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 23: Whipped Running Stitch

Welcome to Sunday Stitch School's lesson of the week. Today we are playing it safe with a stitch that many learned already in nursery school, Whipped Running Stitch.

It can be found in almost any basic Stitch guide. In several books it is also known as Cordonnet Stitch. Do you remember that name from Lesson 19: Satin Stitch Outline?!

In Swedish it goes under the names of Snodda Förstygn or Förstyng med Kastsöm.
In French it is called Point avant Surjeté.

Obviously you start with a line of Running Stitches, then whip them with a thread of contrasting colour or texture:

Easier than easy!

On my Aida sampler I used a dull purple and pistachio green perle 8.

On this plain wool fabric, doodle lines of Running Stitches.
Whip them using a collection of fancy threads (from Oliver Twist's orange set) and chenille (from  Art Fiber Endo of Kyoto).

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2018 - Partnership Quilt project - Tree of Life

It is time to make a quilt block for NHK's Partnership Quilt Project at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2018, to be held in Tokyo Dome in January next year.

More information can be found on the official website.

Under the tag NHK, above, you can read about this project and see my previous entires.

The theme this time is TREE OF LIFE.

In the recent TV program and on the website, the suggestions are many and free. 
What is Tree of Life? 
It could be the tree itself, it could be the leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds.... 
It could be the birds and animals that live in the tree. 
It could be the carved grafitti on the trunk. 
It could, I guess, even be a family tree!

Made by Harue Yumoto

Made by Misako Sano

My entry 2017 (Gardening)

For anyone who wants to send in and donate a block to this charity quilt project, here are the rules:

  • one block per person
  • 15 cm x 15 cm for the motif, add a seam allowance of 1-2 cm on all sides
  • flimsy block, i.e. no wadding, no quilting
  • your name should be written with pen in the seam allowance of the lower right hand corner
  • your block should have reached NHK by 31st July, 2017
  • enclose a note with your name, address, tel no, email address
  • (for entries within Japan) if you also enclose a pre stamped Japanese postcard (62 yen) with your name and address filled in, it will be returned to you with the number of which quilt your block has been added to
  • send to:

Partnership Quilt
NHK Sutekini Handmade
2-2-1 Jinnan
Tokyo 150-8001